The Quest Weight Loss Experience

Quest Weight Loss is built upon Vivaliti Weight Loss, a customized weight-loss program that has been in operation for 14 years. Vivaliti Weight Loss has earned the most trusted name in medically managed weight loss. Our staff strives to create warm, inviting environments full of motivation and support. As a patient at Quest Weight Loss, you can expect a customized plan, personalized supplements, and consistent support to help you reach your goal and maintain it.

What To Expect


As a patient at Quest Weight Loss, you can expect a comfortable atmosphere and supportive staff dedicated to helping you reach your goals with encouragement, education, and inspiring patient care. Regular weekly visits with Dr. Shoar will help you achieve optimal results and help you if you stumble. As you approach your weight loss goals, you will learn the tools to successfully maintain your healthier weight.


Weight loss based on real medicine and real results

The Vivaliti program is a managed weight-loss program that evaluates your health lifestyle and optional DNA testing, to formulate a weight-loss plan that unlocks your individual potential. Your personalized weight-loss plan is designed to keep you free from hunger and will include the perfect combination of balanced nutrition, supervision, and supplements.

Your first

During this visit, our trained staff will complete a full health assessment and review your medical history. If you have health risks related to obesity, we can address them and provide you with options that will empower you to better your health and wellness.



A large selection of approved whole foods will be reviewed in your first visit. Our staff and patients have created some fantastic recipes, which are conveniently located on our patient portal. After you begin to see results, you will be introduced to Vivaliti's hand picked “Easy Exchange” snack and meal options that are compatible with your program … and delicious!


Pricing &

We offer a no-cost consultation in which we can assess your needs, provide you with options, and gain your trust through expressing not only our experience and skill, but also our care for you as an individual. We offer promotional “Hero” pricing to all law enforcement, military, firefighters/EMT medical and teaching personnel, to thank you for your dedication and service.

What Is Included?

Your first VISIT

Our metabolic weight-loss program is a personalized, comprehensive approach to weight loss based on resetting your metabolism and correcting the underlying causes of weight gain. Components of your personalized weight-loss program may include interventions for:

Correcting hormonal imbalances. Reducing and preventing chronic inflammation. Evaluating and managing stress (a common cause of elevated hormones that trigger fat storage in the midsection). Identifying and addressing genetic variants that may impair your metabolism Developing a personalized nutrition plan suited to your unique DNA markers. Providing precision supplementation specially formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies for which you are most at risk.

At your initial visit we will:
  • Medical assessment of vitals, including Weight, Body Fat %, Body water %, Muscle Phyic Rate, BMR Met Age, Body Bone weight, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Musculoskeletal System
  • 1-on-1 private consultation with your health provider to discuss challenges, goals, and personal health history
  • Comprehensive Blood Work Panel evaluating indicators of poor metabolism and other biological processes inhibiting optimized health
  • 1-on-1 consultation to customize your Vivaliti program with precision nutrition, personalized supplementation*, calculated hydration requirements, and recommended activity
  • Collaborative evaluation and discussion of health risk factors
  • Extensive health and lifestyle assessment, nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, readiness to change, eating habits, and other risk factors
  • If indicated, a two-week supply of appetite/ hunger suppression supplements
  • If indicated, a month supply of Metabolic Plus extended release fat burner
  • Private and secure access to your My Vivaliti Program online account for tracking daily program objectives, setting text message/email reminders for supplements, recipes, and visualizing your progress

It all starts with your free consultation!